Product Data Feed Audit

Product Data Feed Audit

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Want to boost your online sales? Our Product Data Feed Audit can help! It's perfect for shop owners who handle their own product data, or those who prefer not to have a monthly plan.

Here's how our audit helps your business:

  • Google Shopping Compliance: We ensure your product info is up to scratch and meets Google Shopping's standards. This way, your products show up where they should in search results.

  • Info Accuracy: Are your product prices and stock levels accurate and up-to-date? We'll find out.

  • SEO Scan: We assess how effectively your product info is optimized for search engines, helping your shop rank higher in online searches.

  • Business Insights: We provide invaluable insights about your shop, like your best-selling products and peak sales times, helping you strategize better.

  • Rules and Regulations: We ensure you're following all the rules of Google Shopping, preventing any potential setbacks.

  • Personalized Assessment: Every business is unique, and we check how well your product information aligns with the unique needs of your business.

Our Product Data Feed Audit acts as a thorough health check for your online shop. Following the audit, we'll provide a comprehensive report that details what's working well, what needs improvement, and provides actionable tips for making those improvements.

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